A few years ago, I got to plan the BEST 4th of July EVER….also known as, my little sister’s wedding. As with all weddings, the planning process was amazing, fun, exciting; as well as, stressful and overwhelming 🙂 She and I took a lot of time to plan out every last detail, and, while the day was not without some mishaps, everything turned out beautifully!

The wedding was at Olde Dobbin Station in a small town outside of Houston, TX.

557191_10102227120813910_1023498585_nThe Ceremony.

539121_10102228554730330_453635746_n This was taken as the new couple entered the reception. 


And the best part was all of the details:WEDDINGDETAILS.jpgSome things we made, some things we purchased, and many things we collected over the course of their engagement.


Full Bridal Party406257_10102227160629120_710692501_n

By far my favorite picture of the day was of a moment that only the photographers and I got to witness. This was their first look before all of the guests arrived. 551023_10102227146886660_1108651662_n

Followed by this one of us, as a close second…304822_10102227137445580_1389848657_n

All photos by Michelle Boyd of Michelle Boyd Photography